the Cause

The Mighty Mitchell Foundation

The Mighty Mitchell Foundation was formed to help meet the great need for support and resources for families and patients affected by childhood cancer.  The financial and emotional toil on the patient and the family is crushing and disheartening.  The MMF goal is to provide cancer care packages to newly diagnosed families which will provide needed items such as: 


  • Hand sanitizer for the patient and those whom are in conact with them to prevent further illness from  a compromised immune system.  
  • Gas cards for families who travel sometimes as far as from neighboring states multiple times a week so their child can receive treatment.
  • Snacks for children who visit the clinic and have to sit in a chair sometimes for hours at a time while receiving treatment.
  • Gift cards to local restaurants to provide meals for families who may have to stay overnight or travel back and forth to treatment.
  • Toys and games for the kids to keep them entertained while receiving treatment or have to stay in the hospital.
  • Some financial support for families who may be struggling to pay bills if unable to work or have to take time off to provide care for their child.